Projects at educational centers, health centers, town halls and institutions


Early prevention: today's teenagers, employees and managers tomorrow

The objective is to bring students healthy habits so that from an early age they incorporate them into their lives. We are committed to society and to the search for tools to improve the coexistence of the human being. We are convinced a thousand times a thousand that if we provide our teenagers with the necessary resources to look inside them from an early age, practicing silence, knowing how to use their breathing and different forms for different situations, they will acquire habits that will promote temperance, balance personal, and this will definitely be positive for your personal and professional future, as well as the social, personal and professional relationships that you have throughout your life.

We carry out this project through workshops with training in different topics related to body care, mind and emotions including ergonomics, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness techniques among others to work stress situations and anxiety before homework. and exams.

With this fundamentally practical workshop the student will have tools that from the same moment can begin to use and improve their academic performance, prevent muscle problems and give them tools to be used in stress situations.

Caring for our body with good ergonomics habits, such as knowing how to sit at the computer, how to carry the backpack, among others, as well as knowing what to do when faced with an emotion that overwhelms us, reverts to our attitude, mood and personal balance .

Bringing healthy habits to the educational community

Este proyecto pretende acercar a la comunidad educativa, profesionales docentes de colegios, institutos, universidades conocimiento teórico/práctico que les será de utilidad para su día a día tanto a nivel profesional como a nivel personal, todo ello encaminado a mejorar la calidad de su rendimiento, prevenir problemáticas musculares y darles herramientas para poder utilizar en determinadas situaciones de stress.


This project aims to bring to the educational community, professional teachers of schools, institutes, universities theoretical / practical knowledge that will be useful for their day to day both professionally and personally, all aimed at improving the quality of their performance , prevent muscular problems and give them tools to be able to use in certain situations of stress.

Caring for the one who cares


Programs for professionals and family members who take care of us.

Our caregiver instinct gives us the opportunity to help others, however it can take physical and psychological toll if we do not pay attention and take care of ourselves.

Caring consciously, connected and present with the living and awakened compassion towards oneself, will give us an optimal mental and emotional state to help others in an adequate and sustainable way over time and avoid the «Caregiver Syndrome».

Our proposal:

We organize in hospitals and health centers

Relaxation spaces with on-site massage

– Very specialized mindfulness workshops

– Workshops on and relaxation techniques to work on possible burnout

– We have individual mindfulness accompaniment for those who need it


The medical or therapeutic team in charge of caring for your patients will have an area to recharge batteries, which will distract you to continue your journey at full physical and emotional performance.

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