– You feel stress, anxiety, you feel out of control, you feel sadness or depression, you feel blocked and are able to concentrate?

– Your life is full of unforeseen, and you have to walk fires all the time, .. this causes you tremendous stress, you can not concentrate on a particular activity, because you always start several at a time, you are never able to finish them and this accumulates each day to your long list of tasks without finishing, which overwhelms you and prevents rest well?

– Have you had a recent personal issues that has left you bald, you feel dull, sad and unmotivated for nothing?

– A long time ago something happened in your life that impacted and affected you greatly, and as of today, you keep thinking about it, living with it, and focused on it without being able to move forward?

– You constantly think about the future, how you will do, what you will do, how good it will be when you get there, yet today you do not enjoy anything because you worry too much about tomorrow?

– Are you a sportsman and sometimes you feel deconcentrated, dispersed, discouraged, and unable to see your challenge overcome?

– Are you a student, and you feel very stressed before the exams, you block yourself even, being unable to remember everything you have studied, or do you overwhelm the amount of duties you have in your day to day?

– Are you a manager and your responsibilities demand of you a person that to date of today you do not feel that you are, with lack of security, impatience with your employees, lack of performance and very dispersed without being able to make decisions?

We introduce you MINDFULNESS,
Mindfulness is a method in which we train our mind in order to reduce stress and develop attention, Mindfulness is an experience, it is not a theory or concepts. It is more a way of life than a technique.

By practicing mindfulness we will gain benefits in our personal and professional life, also improving emotional intelligence and leadership.

We offer you:

We want each person as an individual to be able to lead his life or the aspect of his life that he considers satisfactorily, with mindfulness, conscious, with the aim of opening to happiness, living fully, so that we live happily with reality what we have.

For this we will work:

– The body
– The mind, the thoughts
– Emotions, feelings, heart
– Spirituality, through silence and meditation

We will use the following tools

– Mindfulness Pills
– Mindfulness in everyday life
– Formal practice of mindfulness

Who can use mindfulness?

ALL, We also have specific programs focused on:

– Executives

– Employees

– Athletes

– Children and teenagers

– Educators

For your personal and private life.

How will mindfulness help me as an employee, elite athlete, manager or in my private life?

– Mindfulness reinforces resilience, Resilience is defined as the ability of humans to adapt positively to adverse situations.

– Mindfulness increases our emotional balance, precision, lucidity, global perspective that will allow us to make decisions in a more optimal way.

– In times of uncertainty I’ll know how to handle the situation.

– I will learn to manage my stress.

How are we going to do it?

Taking awareness, being aware we are aware.
This will lead us to take care of our inner world, to be present.
Being present will allow us to observe in a neutral way each and every one of the moments of our life, to recognize the implications of each action, to feel awake and to make the equation professional success and personal satisfaction totally balanced.

What is the practice of mindfulness about?

– We refer to an attitude, being aware of the present experience, without judging it, accepting it as it is presented.

– It is about leaving the body relaxed and alert at the same time, (relaxed and awake at the same time).

– It is about being aware of every thing we do at the moment we are doing it.

– It is also about being open to pleasure, to pain, to gain and to lose, to accept characteristics of our personality that we like less.

– For all this is very important:

– Do not judge yourself or others.
– Have patience, accepting that everything happens at your own pace.
– Having beginner’s mind, living every moment as if it were the first time.
– To have confidence in oneself regardless of what has already been experienced.
– Distension: Do not expect something or desire, be one with what happens. Staying again and again in doing is not the goal, but being.
– To accept thoughts, feelings and experiences, without judging. Admit the past.
– To be able to forgive without holding on to people or experiences of the past.

With mindfulness you will be able to live the present, have more confidence in yourself, have more concentration to improve your professional performance, and allow you to enjoy more personally. If you are an athlete you will also achieve greater concentration and performance.

And most importantly, uniting all these bases, you will feel much better inside and out, with healthy habits that will make you a healthy and balanced person, able to control work stress and enjoy the present moment.

We have individual sessions, group sessions and seminars, both for individuals and companies.

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