Massages at weddings

masaje pies

Boyfriends, family, friends, after the nerves and excitement of the moment, feel a stunning massage in a relaxing space to continue the celebration with energy to the fullest.

We put at your disposal two exclusive services to surprise your guests:

– Massage on site
– Foot massage based on foot reflexology

Massage on site:

Massage on site (shiatsu). On site massage is performed in a special chair, with clothes, without cream, and is a massage technique based on acupressure, acupressure or acupressure, extracted from traditional Japanese massage, whose sequence of points and maneuvers is very elaborate and reasoned to produce in the person who receives it, a distressing, de-stressing and therefore relaxing effect.

It is applied with hands, elbows and forearms. The person who receives it will be seated in a special chair and express for this type of technique. This massage is applied to the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back and hips, with a sequence of maneuvers different from those of other massage techniques. The massage lasts 15 minutes and can be adjusted to other times depending on the client’s needs, from 30 minutes, 20 minutes, 10 minutes. We recommend this type of massage for weddings and celebrations, being very comfortable and without the need for privacy spaces.

The area to give an ideal massage will be approximately 2 square meters per therapist (2×2).

Foot massage

Ideal massage to relieve the discomfort caused by new shoes, shoes and high-heeled sandals.

A 15-minute massage that will provide your guests with great comfort during your celebration.

Your guests will be very satisfied and surprised and with renewed energy to continue the celebration.

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