Massage for sports preparation


Do you feel tension, and your recovery time is too long, feeling tired?

Do You have to be ready for your sport event, marathon, league, … and you want to feel maximum efficiency?

Do you feel uncomfortable and with a reduced range of motion feeling that these aspects are going to cause you problems?

Do you feel Trigger points?

We have prepared for you a very complete program with a group of massage techniques specifically designed to improve your Sport Performance which are the following:

– Sports massage: pre-race massage: we prepare you for your event

– Deep sports massage: we help you to be ready for a high level

– Post-event massage: We help you to relax and recover

– Muscle and stretching techniques, designed to:

 increase your elasticity

 Obtain a better range of active and passive movement

Techniques for working mindfulness with very simple tools such as silence and breathing. you will achieve a capacity for maximum concentration, improvement and motivation.

With these techniques you will feel:

Less muscular tension
– Your recovery time will be reduced
– You will be prepared for maximum efficiency
– Your trigger points will be turned off
– You will feel more flexible, which will allow you to be more efficient, and you will feel less discomfort

How often is it good to receive a sport massage?

There are a number of factors that define frequency, such as volume and intensity of training, whether or not you feel discomfort, whether they are regular or punctual, mild or intense, whether you just finished your competition or just you will do it.
With regular sports massage we can reduce the effects of hard training so it is recommended at least once a month. From that, if you feel that you need more, like every other week or once a week would be good too.

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