Massages in showrooms and fashion shows


Models, designers and professionals of the sector work long days to launch a parade, showroom, fashion week in which everything is played.

Stressful situations, long standing, loading and unloading of material.

For all these situations we propose:

Massage on a muscular discharge couch

Massage on a stretcher muscle massage is a massage technique that consists of a series of manipulations performed on one or more muscle groups overloaded. with the additional objective of producing an effect of relaxing physical and psychological well-being. It is done without clothes in the area to be treated. To do it, it is necessary to apply cream or oil. The areas that we can work are: cervical area, dorsal area, lower back, upper limbs, lower limbs.

The area needed to give this massage is 2.85 x 2.85 meters, preferably equipped with some privacy as the person who receives it has to take off their clothes in the area to be treated.

Massage on site

On-site massage is carried out in a special chair,

with clothes,

without cream,

and it is a massage technique based on acupressure, acupressure or acupressure, extracted from traditional Japanese massage, whose sequence of points and maneuvers is very elaborate and reasoned to produce in the person who receives it a distressing, de-stressing and therefore relaxing effect.

It is applied with hands, elbows and forearms. The person who receives it will be seated in a special chair and express for this type of technique. This massage is applied to the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back and hips, with a sequence of maneuvers different from those of other massage techniques.

The massage lasts 15 minutes and can be adjusted to other times depending on the client’s need, from 10 minutes per assistant.

We recommend this type of massage for events and companies already being very comfortable and without privacy spaces.

The area to give an ideal massage will be approximately 2 square meters per therapist (2×2).

We installed in your backstage a wellness area where your employees can receive a massage whenever they need it.

– The models will be ready for representation

– The people in charge of mounting and dismounting will feel more discomfited, consequently we reduce the risk of an accident due to fatigue

– In general the whole team will be much calmer and less tense for its staging.

– Personal makeup, decorations, hairdressing, … all the team will find an additional motivation to continue their journey.

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