massages in companies

The most precious asset of any corporation are their employees and collaborators. One of our missions is to help the management team, proposing tools to care for and motivate their employees as well as collaborate closely in the prevention of occupational hazards related to some postural problems as well as stress, using massage and other natural techniques as the fundamental basis of our work.

We organize your relaxing room

Specialized in on-site massage and muscular discharge chiromassage. Two tools to prevent muscular discomfort and stress for your employees. Sessions adapted to rest times and reduced spaces.

Group sessions of yoga and pilates

Yoga and Pilates in your company: the best way to prevent musculoskeletal discomfort of your employees.

Accupunture services at your company

We organize the health week in your company

Preparamos una semana o una jornada, con diferentes actividades en su empresa como masaje on site, talleres de mindfulness, sesiones grupales de yoga, todo ello encaminado a que sus empleados adquieran prácticas saludables, mejoren su entorno laboral y tomen conciencia de la importancia de cuidar su cuerpo y mente para lograr un equilibrio personal y profesional.

Reeducation in food. We teach you to eat healthy

Your employees will learn to eat healthy, in a balanced way, avoiding overweight, health problems, even during their workday, with practical examples of menus that can be done easily.

Ergonomics workshops

Theoretical-practical workshops aimed at the prevention of muscular discomfort: back school, ergonomics, postural habits.

Relaxation techniques for managers and employees

Workshops on different relaxation techniques that your employees and managers can start from that moment to prevent risks such as stress and all its consequences.

Meditation And mindfullness techniques workshops

Mindfulness is a method that will help your employees and managers to live in the present without value judgments, in which we train our minds with the objective of reducing stress and developing attention, reinforcing resilience, increasing our balance emotional, precision, lucidity and global perspective, which will allow us to make decisions in a more optimal way.

Accompanying miindfulness


Accompanying individual and personalized mindfulness for each of its employees and managers.

We bring wellness to your company