Massages in children and teenagers


– Does the backpack bother you so much because of the backpack and the weight of the books?

– Do you practice sports but still do not have a stretching habit and sometimes you feel overload?

– Do you feel a lot of tension, stress or certain anxiety before the exams or the amount of homework you have, or before your sports competition?

We present you a personalized program and very specialized in working all these aspects that you worry.
You are in a moment of development, very important. Having healthy habits is essential. We will teach you how to carry them out in a fun and enjoyable way in your day to day life.

We offer you:

– Specific massage techniques to relieve muscle discomfort adapted to your age.

– We will teach you a routine of exercises and simple stretches to avoid that those annoyances become habitual.

– We will explain techniques to work mindfulness and with very simple tools such as silence and breathing, you will be able to control that stress and anxiety.

– We will explain you basic ergonomics, such as how to sit down properly in front of the computer , how to pick pick up weights properly, and other positions that you repeat a lot . We consider that it´s very important to know how to do them properly.

With massage gradually you will feel much more unloaded.

With the stretches and exercises you will strengthen your weaker muscles which will be in the medium term a way to avoid that those discomforts become constant.

With mindfulness you will be able to live the present, to have more confidence in yourself, to have more concentration to improve your academic and sports performance and to increase your creativity.

You will correct your bad postures and will always help you, even when you are older.

And most importantly, all of this you can do from now on and becoming a habit you always can practice, and tomorrow together with your studies and preparation will make you a healthy and balanced person, able to control work and stress and able to enjoy the present moment.

massage can not be received in case of:

– Injury in the acute phase (Usually 72 hours after it occurs).

– Fever, Vascular diseases, Severe heart disease, contagious cutaneous conditions, inflammation, abrasions, cuts, hematomas, cancer, neuritis, recent surgery, Infectious diseases, diabetes with vascular dysfunction, fractures and acute injuries.

Is very important that you report any conditions you may have and if so, ask your doctor if it is appropriate to receive a massage.

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