Massages for you

Our body, our thoughts, our emotions, our goals …. Each of us is the greatest treasure, a treasure to care for.
It is essential to make time for it. Our motivation is your wellness and to help you achieve this goal we have designed different personalized and exclusive programs depending on your personal objective. We take care of your health, we take care of your well-being.

Body sculpt massages

Program to reduce and sculpt your abdomen, lower back, buttocks, legs or arms

Sports preparation


Improve your sports performance. Body, mental and emotional work with massage, stretching and mindfulness to maximize your performance

Massages for Kids and Teenagers


Muscle  discomfort relief  caused by the weight of the backpack. Kids and Teenagers  with healthy habits

Mindfulness and Reiki


Re-establish your body, mental and emotional balance

Pre/Post Pregnancy


We take care of you during and after pregnancy

Muscle discomfort


Relief of muscle discomfort by weight overload, bad postures, long hours in front of the computer …

Japanese facial massage

This massage helps in the repair of the facial tissue and in the rejuvenation of the same

Massages for dancers


Specialized massage to prepare your muscles and enjoy your passion for dancing