Massages for dancers


We are many passionate about dance, sometimes our body is not properly prepared for it.

Sometimes, the lack of heating, repetitive movements, impacts on the floor, muscle weakness, excessive training, very hard floors, inadequate footwear (very small, very large, very tight), we begin to have discomfort during or after our session of dance.

It is therefore important to take adequate measures to prevent these discomforts.

Are you in any of these situations?
 Muscle overload in feet, legs, glutes.?
 Do you feel excess tension in the upper trunk, arms and neck?

– Massage of muscular discharge in lower limbs, (working glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, twins, Achilles heel), upper limbs, shoulders back and neck
– Stretches of the muscular chains that we have commented previously
– We will explain how to strengthen the muscles that we work with exercises

–  Your dance sessions will be much more productive and you will be able to enjoy them better since you will be observing little by little that the overload and muscular fatigue decrease.
– Improved flexibility that will allow you to turn better, and make certain movements easier.
– Improvement of your joint range having worked the possible restrictions due to overload.
– Improvement in stability, avoid possible falls.

– Warm up before beginning our dance session
– Acquire proper footwear to the type of dance, of a correct size, without tightening a lot or being loose
– Avoid incorrect movements, improve technique in classes
– When we are overloaded or feel some trouble stop and rest
– At the end of the day perform stretches of the most used muscles (ischitibial, quadriceps, twins, biceps, triceps, triceps sural, to avoid twisting
– Cut the toenails in a straight line to avoid incarnata nail
– Strengthen key muscles like peroneos to avoid sprains of ankles, abdominals to strengthen the lumbar area.
– Avoid sudden back movements, knowing the correct technique to do it.
– Feeding properly for practice.

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