japanese facial massage


– Your face has an expression of fatigue, dull and dull?

– Do you have dark circles or bags and do not know how to end them?

– Do you see signs of facial aging such as crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, eyebrows, eye contours, neck, cheeks, chin sides, nasolabial grooves, or under the nose on the upper lip?

–  Do you feel muscle overload in the face and head?

– Do you have a very important event and want to be radiant?

– Do you want to improve the appearance and firmness of your facial oval without going through the operating room or without botox, using completely manual and natural techniques?

We offer you the japanese facial massage.

Japanese facial massage is a treatment based on ancestral techniques that work both the upper layer of the epidermis and the acupuncture points or facial tsubos (energy channels), managing to stimulate the flow of energy (Qi) and activate the facial nerves to obtain a complete balance between body and mind.

This massage helps in the repair of the facial tissue and in the rejuvenation of it. As fundamental characteristics we will say that it is a great tool to work, and therefore to delay, the aging process, and additionally it is excellent to release energy and reduce the tension of the facial and neck muscles, offering a significant relief of discomfort such as migraines.

This is a rhythmic and fast massage. In this way we stimulate the nervous system, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, distribute nutrients and eliminate impurities, toxins and dead cells that we find in the facial skin, and we achieve an excellent elevation and firmness, greatly improving the skin, which as a result, and After a Japanese facial massage, it will show a bright, luminous and fresh appearance, giving the face a serene and radiant appearance. For this reason it is called FACIAL LIFTING WITHOUT SURGERY
It is a completely natural treatment, it is done with the hands of the therapist and we can say that it is the most effective natural treatment for the skin of the face and neck. To do this, grapeseed oil is used.


It is a massage in which therapeutic techniques are used fast and completely manual rhythms, which stimulate the facial nerves, reach the cells, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation and distribute nutrients, eliminates toxins. It works and tones subcutaneous muscles and balances the flow of energy in the face. Oil is used with special characteristics for its realization.


– Expression lines
– Dull and dull skin
– Bags
– Eye bags
–  Crow’s feet
– Dry skin
– Oily skin
– Weak facial muscle tone
– Stress


The massage lasts 60 minutes and in each session different techniques are carried out aimed at
– Facial drainage
– Facial lifting
– Facial massage
– Tsubos (acupuncture points, which are worked with manual pressure, not needles, to treat different circumstances)

The duration of each phase will depend on the type of skin that each person has.

After a session of Japanese facial massage you will observe a relaxed face effect, having eliminated the stress trace and recovering the dermal smoothness.
We will achieve:– Luminosity
– Rejuvenation
– Prevention of the appearance of fine lines.
– Tersura
– Nutrition to the skin
– Relief of discomfort in the head.
– Delay in the aging process.
– Elevation and firmness of the facial muscles
– Improvement of blood flow
– Elimination of toxins
– Destruction of dead cells.
– Serene and bright face
– Releases energy and tension accumulated in facial muscles and neck.
– Definition of facial muscles, improvement of facial oval
– Avoid appearance of bags, dark circles, wrinkles and furrows of expression
– Reduction of skin flaccidity


It is essential to have a healthy skin for the realization of this technique.
We have a contraindication when there is a skin condition such as
– Deep acne
– Facial inflammation
– Cuperosis
Consult a dermatologist in the following cases:
Eczema, warts, acne, burns, tumoral or hemorrhagic diseases, febrile states, general infections, hypertension, tachycardia, after a botox session or surgical treatment

Number of recommended sessions

After the first session we will see the most luminous, soft and smooth skin

With a continuous treatment over time we can get to improve many lines of expression, skin texture, acne, and pigmentation spots.

To maintain these effects over time we recommend:

– Shock treatment of 5 sessions (one every week or every ten days)
– Maintenance: One session every 15 days or 30 days depending on the needs of each person.

What else can we do to improve the condition of our skin and reduce premature aging?

– Eliminate or reduce to the maximum the Tobacco and alcohol
– Eliminate or reduce to the maximum the diet based on saturated and hypercaloric fats
– Work relaxation techniques to reduce Stress
– adequate rest
– Doing physical activity
– Develop a positive approach and avoid negative thoughts.
– Practice abdomino-diaphragmatic breathing to facilitate relaxation and relieve tension.
–  Maintain good facial hygiene
– Apply sunscreen to the facial area and up to the chest.

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