– Do you feel stress, anxiety, feeling out of control?

– Do you feel sadness or depression and can not concentrate?

– Do you feel any emotional block that does not allow you to move forward?

To work these situations and reestablish your balance we will use Reiki and mindfulness.

Reiki is a Japanese term for the Universal Life Energy. With him, we achieve healing, growth, harmonization and energy and personal rebalancing.

The function of Reiki is to release blocked energy that prevents us from flowing with the Vital Energy of the Universe. Reiki is the highest vibrating energy … the energy of LOVE.

The technique of Reiki is performed by placing the hands on the person who will receive it without direct contact, only on the area to be worked, allowing the energy to flow in the intensity and quality needed by the recipient. The therapist only directs the energy that the Universe delivers unlimited.

Reiki is an intelligent energy that helps us greatly to recover our physical, mental and emotional health.

We will work on the principles of Reiki:

– Just for today, do not get angry.
– Just for today do not worry.
– Just for today, be grateful for all the blessings in your life.
– Just for today, work honestly, especially in your spiritual growth.
– Just for today, be kind.

Mindfulness is a method in which we train our mind in order to reduce stress and develop attention.
Mindfulness is an experience, a way of life.
By practicing mindfulness we will gain benefits in our personal and professional life, also improving emotional intelligence and leadership.

How will mindfulness help me in my professional life and in my private life?

– Mindfulness reinforces resilience, Resilience is defined as the ability of humans to adapt positively to adverse situations.

– Mindfulness increases our emotional balance, precision, lucidity, global perspective that will allow us to make decisions in a more optimal way.

– In times of uncertainty I’ll know how to handle the situation.

– I will learn to manage my stress.

We offer you:

With Reiki Our thoughts are energy. We intend with Reiki to release negative emotions trapped, in order to eliminate that negative energy that blocks us and thus facilitate the flow of positive energy that is the one that helps us heal. Our mind thus returns to a natural, positive and optimistic state we can move forward in our life.

With Mindfulness you will be able to live the present, have more confidence in yourself, have more concentration to improve your professional performance, and allow you to enjoy more personally. If you are an athlete you will also achieve greater concentration and performance. We will work mindfulness and with very simple tools like silence, meditation and breathing, get control of that stress and anxiety.

Both Reiki and Mindfulness benefit us in very similar aspects:

– They unlock and harmonize.

– They both help to eliminate tensions.

– They help to improve our physiological functioning, we will be more connected to our body so that when it gives a signal we can identify it. We fight situations like insomnia, body tension, anxiety and physical discomfort.

– They help to Improve our performance.

– They Accelerate our natural ability to heal.

– They Produce balance and internal and external well-being, greatly improving any situation of stress, anxiety, depression, aggression and sadness among others.

– We will Increase our mental clarity, we will be more conscious, we will be able to calm our constant thoughts, we will be aware of our mental patterns and we will be able to work harmful dependencies.

– They will provide us a positive attitude and will help us to improve our human relationships.

– On the emotional level: we will learn to observe, being able to continue with our life when we arise emotions such as anger, pain and anger among others.

– We will be able to face better problems from the past.

– Spiritually speaking, you will experience a direct connection with the Love-Conscious Being that you truly are, with the ALL …

Reiki and Mindfulness give you the key to feeling freedom and responsibility about your life, and to live it as you wish.

We also have training in Reiki.
With Reiki you can discover the immense power of self-empowerment that you possess.

Reiki is a positive energy without side effects, without contraindications, compatible with any type of therapy or treatment.

The practice of Reiki is incorporated into the context of alternative therapeutic practices recognized by the World Health Organization (O.M.S).

Equally Mindfulness is a lifestyle.

In any case people who have some medical diagnosis of some psychological or psychiatric state it is appropriate to consult with your doctor always.

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