Body sculpt massages


 Do you have cellulitis in your buttocks, legs or arms?

Do you have localized fat in your abdomen back of the back, hips and waist, and even with exercise and diet you are not able to eliminate them?

– Did you give birth and want to help your body to go back to your normal size?

– Has your body experience hormonal changes and increased your volume and lost your shape?

We propose you a personalized, exclusive and very specialized program in which we will work and sculpt your body, with natural and manual techniques, without inyection, without machines and without surgery.

What we can offer you after years of experience:

– Your skin will be more elastic and firm.
– Your shape will be sculpted and defined.
– Your abdomen will reduce its volume, and also this will happen in your hips, waits and localized fat in your back.
– Your gluts will have another aspect, more Definite, less fallen.
– Your legs will look smooth and defined.
– In short, we will have a much improved version of you.

How often is it good to receive this type of technique?

In our first appointment we will make a study of your body characteristics, with that we will prepare a customized work program to reach your goals
We will use different techniques in our planning: lymphatic drainage, liporeductor massage, reaffirming massage, remodeling massage with bamboo stick (bambuterapy), accorking to the evolution of the results.

Ask for more information about tips, technical advice and contraindications related to Body Sculpt here…  

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